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Creating & Repairing Beautiful Dental Bridges in Indianapolis

An aching tooth can make it difficult to carry on any of your normal daily activities. When your ability to work, play or rest is threatened by tooth decay, you may require full-mouth rehabilitation services. At Andrew Amborski, DDS in Indianapolis, we provide the dental restoration you need to get back to your normal routine. From the dental bridge to special dental sealants, there are several options available. Composite fillings, for example, bond with the tooth, offering support where it has been weakened by decay. These tooth-colored fillings are durable, versatile and attractive. They are also suited to be solutions for a number of situations.

Creating & Repairing Beautiful Dental Bridges in Indianapolis

We Also Perform Tooth Bonding

Tooth bonding is another popular way to repair damaged teeth. Securely attaching the specialized material to the tooth’s enamel, the dentist might use dental bonding as a solution to a wide variety of situations such as stained teeth, open cavities and gaps between teeth. Tooth bonding is a great option for many of our clients.

Use Crowns to Close the Gap

Another situation that causes inconvenience and discomfort for our clients is missing teeth. Repairing those gaps with dental bridges or dental crowns provides several benefits, including:

  • Improved dental health
  • Improved chewing ability
  • Improved speech
  • Support for surrounding teeth

Dental bridges protect a properly aligned bite and can prevent many neuromuscular problems. Of course, while these benefits are great, the patient is often pleased with the improvement of their smile.

Also Serving Avon

Andrew Amborski, DDS provides services to clients in Indianapolis and Avon. We offer general dentistry solutions such as composite fillings and cosmetic dentistry. Find solutions to your dental problems with the comprehensive services we offer. Give us a call at 317-272-3002.