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Dental Implants for Healthy Smiles in Indianapolis

Dental implants are artificial teeth roots set permanently into the jaw. They might hold a single replacement tooth or a bridge to replace teeth that have been lost due to disease or injury. The devices are metal posts or frames surgically inserted by an implant dentist. Replacement teeth resembling your natural teeth can then be set into place, leaving you with a durable, natural and attractive smile. At Andrew Amborski, DDS in Avon, we are happy to offer our patients affordable dental implants as part of our comprehensive dentistry services.

Dental Implants for Healthy Smiles in Indianapolis

One of the primary reasons people choose this option is the natural-looking smile that results. Some of our patients come in with tooth loss resulting from health conditions or trauma. This permanent solution provides correction for the full mouth, for a healthy smile and for a natural-looking appearance. There are some great reasons for clients to choose this surgical option rather than bridges or dentures:

  • Restored function similar to natural teeth
  • Protection for remaining teeth
  • Prevention of shrinking tissue and bone loss
  • Restored natural speech patterns
  • Preserved natural facial features
  • Sturdy and long-lasting construction
  • Elimination of slippage common to dentures
Dental implants can also help with dentures that move around.  Attachments can be placed to a denture so that it “clicks in” on the implants and keep it in place. It is also possible in many cases to place fixed attachments to the denture, so it moves even less.

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When you want a better smile, contact Andrew Amborski, DDS. We provide the services necessary to improve your oral health and bring a natural smile to your face. Our professionals can discuss the pros and cons of each choice with you before proceeding. We are proud to serve the communities of Avon and Indianapolis. Give us a call at 317-272-3002.